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Anita's published communications are comprised of countless projects for a vast number of clients. A sample list of her exhaustive list of published multimedia material includes, but is not limited to the following:

Two-Year-Old Saves a Life - Teach Your Child to Dial 911 http://afreshnewdaywithanita.blogspot.com/  

Survive! Ten Ways to Stay Alive in Subzero Weather       http://afreshnewdaywithanita.blogspot.com/

A Fresh New Day with Anita TV, Networking & Reconciliation - View Anita Wardlaw's TV show online on channel 14 at northmetrotv.com or on Youtube at A Fresh New Day With Anita TV  

A Fresh New Day with Anita TV, Apostle Bigpond & Chief Blacksmith Reveal Truth, Make History  

A Fresh New Day with Anita TV, Agape Gospel Mission     

Fuel Child's Love of Learning - Visiones de La Raza (newspaper)

Boost Kid's Confidence for Back-to-School Success - Visiones de La Raza

Points to Ponder - Make the Most of Your Child's Learning Style - Visiones de La Raza

At 90, Trailblazer Marion McElroy Still Inspires Greatness - Minnesota Spokesman-Recorder (print & online newspaper)

Book: Profiles in Corporate Diversity - Section IV, Profiles in Corporate Diversity

Employees Learn Culture of Deafness - The St. Paul News (This feature article won an Award of Writing Excellence from The international Association of Business Communicators. it appeared in The St. Paul Companies' international corporate newsletter for insurance and financial services employees.)

Company Fuels Quest for Courage - The St. Paul News (This feature article covered The Courage Center, a comprehensive medical and vocational rehabilitation, education, training, sports & recreation, support, transitional living, and support facility.)

Skill, Good Rapport Abound in Saint Paul Service Center - The St. Paul News (This feature article includes service stories and photos by Anita Wardlaw.)

Investment Opportunities for Employees - The St. Paul News (This feature article won a favorable review in the national Ragan Report.

The St. Paul News - Editor (Anita Wardlaw functioned as editor of contributing writers' work. Simultaneously, she also served as photographer, illustrator, and writer for this corporate international newsletter. Among other duties, she worked with publishers, conducted research, designed the publication, edited complex content, and wrote about wellness, employee relations, corporate contributions, public realtions, financial services, risk management and insurance topics.)

Management Briefing - Editor (Anita Wardlaw served as writer, editor and illustrator for this management newsletter for The St. Paul Companies.)

The Inside Scoop - Christian Outreach International - Editor (Anita Wardlaw served as writer, editor & illustrator of this international newsletter for Christian Outreach International, an international youth sports and missions organization.)

Book: Color Me Christian (This is an original children's book written & illustrated by Anita Wardlaw) 

Book: Empowered By Praise & Worship (This is an original children's curriculum book for teachers and parents, written & illustrated by Anita Wardlaw.)