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"Anita, thank you for the exposure you gave my school. You ave a beautiful usage of the English language." -- Edyth Edwards, Directress: Little Red Hen Montessori

"From start to finish, Anita presented herself as a true professional. Her work is excellent." -- Leo Paz, Director: Maple Dental 

“Anita Wardlaw has been a wonderful addition to our Mercy Residence Ministry at our church. I have known her for over 15 years, and she has shown great leadership, commitment, and loyalty to me and our entire ministry. She has been the ministry head over this ministry for 10 years. She, has a diploma from our Bible College. Also, a Master of Arts Degree form the University of Iowa, and a Bachelor of Science Degree form Iowa State University. I highly recommend Anita. She will definitely be an asset to your company. Sincerely, Pastor Nick Kinn Living Word Christian Center Brooklyn Park, Minnesota 55428.” -- March 26, 2009, Pastor Nick Kinn can be reached at nickevangelist@yahoo.com

“Anita is quick to learn and turn out an excellent product. She is a real pleasure to work with. Her top qualities: Personable, Good Value, High Integrity." --  
April 10, 2009, Mark Hoffman, President of Hoffman Communications, Inc. Mark Hoffman first hired Anita as a Writer/Editor in 2000. He hired Anita repeatedly. Mark Hoffman can be reached at 612-436-3600.

“I recommend Anita because she always exhibited professional and organizational abilities and was wonderful to work with. Anita was very reliable and offered excellent lessons to children. Even though her work experience was listed in her resume, it was immediately apparent that Anita was experienced because of her patience and flexibility. These qualities are very important and show great integrity and maturity. I trusted her skills in working with children and also her knowledge of art and education. I think she would be a very effective leader in management.”  -- 2009, Anne Spooner, Program and Gallery Coordinator, City of Edina. Anne first hired Anita as a Youth Art Instructor at the Edina Art Center in 2007. Anne has hired Anita repeatedly. Anne identifies Anita's top qualities as: Expert, On Time, High Integrity. Anne Spooner can be reached at aspooner@ci.edina.mn.us.